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Parents to son: No tech unless it was made before 1987

A Canadian family chooses to go Luddite in order to spend more time together and less time staring at screens.

Mac Plus
Enjoy your cutting-edge new computer, kid. Amanda Kooser/CNET

While most parents are wrestling with whether or not to buy their kids the latest iPhone, a Canadian family is more concerned about finding good cassette tapes to listen to.

Blair McMillan and his girlfriend Morgan are raising young Trey. Blair got the idea to ban new technology from the household after little Trey became too obsessed with an iPad to go and play outside with his dad. So now the family draws the line at any technology created after 1986, the year Blair and his girlfriend were born.

"We're parenting our kids the same way we were parented for a year just to see what it's like," dad Blair told Sun News. They plan to live la vida Luddite until April next year.

Despite a somewhat rough transition period involving Facebook withdrawal and phantom cell phone vibrations, the family seems to have settled in well.

They have gotten used to harnessing older methods of getting things done. An encyclopedia set replaces Google. Physical maps replace GPS. Books and outdoor activities are the primary sources of entertainment.

With no cable, Internet, tablets, or smartphones to distract the family, they are spending more time talking together. It all sounds a bit blissful. Would you consider instituting a similar ban at your house?

(Via Betabeat)