Parents of MySpace hoax victim seek legal recourse

The parents of girl who committed suicide after a MySpace hoax said in a Today Show interview that they are still hoping some legal action can be taken against the adults who taunted their daughter.

Getting ready for work this morning, I caught a Today Show interview with the parents of Megan Meier, the 13-year-old that I wrote about on Saturday, who committed suicide last year after being taunted on MySpace.

Meier believed she had been chatting on the social network with a boy named Josh. At first, "Josh" sent friendly messages, but after a few weeks, he abruptly turned accusatory and insulting.

Meier's parents found out several weeks after their daughter's death that Josh was actually not a boy, but rather the fictional creation of adults, including the mother of a friend of Megan's, with whom she had a falling-out.

In the Today Show interview, Tina and Ron Meier said that the FBI looked into the matter for some time, but was unable to find a law that had been broken. However, the two said they still hoped civil or criminal action might be possible against the adult cyberbullies.

"We are still continuing on with the fight on the criminal and the civil side," Ron Meier said on the show. A legal expert on the program suggested that a recent federal law prohibiting online harassment might be applicable.

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