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Parents humiliate daughter by posting silly Facebook pics

Wisconsin parents teach allegedly disobedient daughter lesson by taking away phone and posting goofy pictures of themselves on her Facebook page -- according to a Reddit post from their son.

Parents are often a little tipsy on power.

Where the real world leaves them powerless, family life affords them a little elbow room to show who's boss.

As a consequence, poor little children must suffer being trapped in the ultimate role of underling.

Please consider how cheesed off one poor daughter of Wisconsin must have been when her parents took away her phone for alleged insubordination.

Her brother, Reddit user AustinMac, was so moved by what her parents did next that he had to share it with the world.

For he claims they took pictures of themselves and posted them on his sister's Facebook page. (See his Reddit post for a funny sample photo. We've asked for permission to publish it.)

There is no way of knowing just how real this tale is, as the parents have not, to my knowledge, come forward to attest to their ingenuity.

These were no ordinary pictures. They showed mom and dad testing the margins of gormlessness.

AustinMac himself seems rather proud of his parents' actions. For his Reddit headline read: "My parents took away my sisters phone for the week. They've uploaded about 10 of these to her Facebook. Doing it right!"

He also explained that her crime was: "She got fresh with one's in the pic."

There is nothing so threatening and insulting as a fresh teen.

Unlike, for example, Tommy Jordan, who proudly shot his daughter's laptop and posted the movie to YouTube. Her crime had been insulting him on Facebook.

Because this is a divided nation, opinions have differed as to the righteousness of the parents' imagination.

Reddit users, though, have been swift to offer technical advice. For example this from alexis2044: "Password protect your lock-screen people. The minor hassle every time you unlock is well worth the potential disasters of the phone falling in the wrong hands. Be it an angry girlfriend or troll parents."

The war between parents and children has a new battleground. It is being waged in the pages of social media.

Who could forget Denise Abbott's pioneering Facebook punishment? She was so fed up with her daughter's lippiness that she posted a picture on her daughter's Facebook page of her little one with a red cross across her mouth.

In fights like these, there is rarely a winner. There is merely a spectacle.

I wonder whether the Wisconsin parents will give AustinMac some extra pocket money for exposing their initiative to the world. I wonder if they'll get their own reality show.