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This quick-release parachute could save drones from going kersplat

Drones falling from the sky stand little chance against gravity. This purpose-made parachute won't turn the laws of nature around, but it sure can help protect your costly cargo.

When your toy drone hits a tree and crashes to the ground with a thunk, you laugh (a little). But that mirth will turn to tears if a drone you really care about, like this one delivering medical supplies where they're needed most, crashes to the ground and busts up its payload. Ruh-roh.

That's why a company like ParaZero made this pint-size parachute to slow down an out-of-control drone as it plummets from the sky.

The "SafeAir Pyrotechnic Parachute Recovery Solution" promises to kick in within milliseconds, let's the pilot customize the drop rate and says its 'chute is only 5 percent of the drone's weight, so it won't weigh it down too much.

The YouTube demo above shows the 'chute in action. Watch it do its thing! [Via ArtsTechnica]