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Paramount gives fans some Blu-ray love

Paramount has announced its first Blu-ray discs since opting to go for HD DVD, and they include No Country For Old Men and the Spiderwick Chronicles.

We watched the whole Paramount/Blu-ray situation with interest last year, and were concerned that the ongoing war would kill public interest in HD.

The Spiderwick Chronicles is released on DVD and Blu-ray in July.

Thankfully, it was only six months later that HD DVD conceded defeat and Paramount announced it would again release Blu-ray discs.

Come 31 July we'll see what we believe are the first fruits of its labour in the children's fantasy The Spiderwick Chronicles. This will also be the first Paramount release where both Blu-ray and DVD are released on the same day.

Three other titles are also on the books, with the most exciting being the Coen Brother's instant classic No Country For Old Men. It was released in 8 April on DVD, but until now we were seriously considering importing the US region-free Blu-ray. Of course, you'll have to wait till 31 July for that as well.

Rounding out the roster on the same day will be the JJ Abrams production Cloverfield and the Mark Wahlberg pectoral-festival, Shooter. No word yet on when previous Paramount releases, such as our own Mission Impossible III test disc, will get a re-release, though.