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PaperShow review: Presentations made snappy, fun

A new Bluetooth-based input kit called PaperShow works best as a presentation tool.

I wrote this on the specialized paper included with the kit, and PaperShow captured it digitally. Dong Ngo/CBS Interactive

If you are a frequent presenter and are tired of the mouse and keyboard, your presentations could be significantly enhanced by this new alternative input device.

It's called the PaperShow, a product announced last Monday by Canson, a French company. The kit include a specialized Bluetooth pen, special paper, and a USB Bluetooth adapter. Basically, the kit allows you to write, scribble, sketch, etc. on the paper by hand and also digitally at the same time.

I tried the kit for a few days and found it work as intended and was quite fun. It's rather expensive, however, and you definitely need to make sure you're comfortable using Bluetooth devices before purchasing. Also note that the special paper works like normal paper: what you write and draw on it will stay there, and therefore the paper necessitates additional expense down the line.

You can read more about the PaperShow kit in a review here.

This is what was scribbled on the special notebook. Dong Ngo/CBS Interactive