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Paper gadgets: Next best thing to real ones

Tiny scale models have amazing detail.

Crave Asia

Burning paper models for the dead is a religious tradition practiced by some Chinese. These can include houses, cars, and even Rolex watches. The belief is that the departed will receive them in the afterworld, making their lives (or rather, afterlives) more bearable. But what if the dead person is a geek who never fancied flashy cars or gold-plated timepieces? You burn him an Xbox 360, of course.

That's when you need one of these paper craft models from Fx Console, as seen on Notcot. Downloadable from the blog site are a series of PDFs that are templates for making tiny scale models of various consoles and even an iPhone complete with a box. Though small, the level of details on these models is amazing. The Xbox 360 even comes with a drive that opens.

The only problem is you may not be able to bring yourself to set one on fire after seeing how nice they look.

(Source: Crave Asia)