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Embracing paper cuts: Disposable razor made from paper

A designer takes the concept of a paper cut and builds on it to invent a truly disposable razor.

Paper Cut Razors
Paper cuts harnessed for the side of good. Nadeem Haidary

Paper cuts usually aren't good things. They're annoying little wounds caused when otherwise harmless paper products bite unexpectedly. Designer Nadeem Haidary decided to turn their reputation around by creating the Paper Cut Razor concept, a disposable razor crafted from a sheet of water-resistant paper.

"Paper Cut Razor takes a seemingly outrageous idea and makes it real. It's a disposable razor made entirely out of paper. It's a product that playfully challenges two notions: that paper cuts are inherently evil, and that current disposable razors are truly disposable," writes Haidary.

Keeping with the trend of multiblade razors, the Paper Cut Razor has three slits designed to act like blades. The rest of the razor looks like an origami project.

Again, the razor is a concept at this point, though Haidary has created some mock-ups of what the razor and its packaging would look like. An animated GIF on the designer's site shows it in action. The biggest challenge with making this a real marketable product is getting the paper "blades" to actually deliver a close shave.

It's not unthinkable this razor could really work as a shaving tool, though that might necessitate reinforcing the paper blades or subbing in the more traditional metal while keeping the rest of the razor paper.

It certainly does its job of making us think more deeply about our current disposable razors and the amount of space they take up in the landfill with their plastic bodies. It would be great if you could trim off your excess body hair and then just lob your paper razor into the recycling bin.

Paper Cut Razor
A Paper Cut Razor in action. Nadeem Haidary

(Via Designboom)