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Paper clip for a house guy now hawking a film role

If you've been following the saga of Kyle MacDonald, you know that he has been trying to trade, step-by-step, a single red paper clip for a house.

Absurd as it sounds, he's made some serious progress, and when we , he had traded his way up to an afternoon with rocker Alice Cooper. Surely, the thinking went, someone would want to trade something of some pretty serious significance for the time with the music icon.

Well, at each step of the way, MacDonald is the one making the decisions on what trades to make for what he has to offer. And on his last trade, it seemed like he might have lost his mind a little, trading the Alice Cooper afternoon for a Kiss (the band) snowglobe.

But, now along comes actor Corbin Bernsen, formerly the star of "L.A. Law," "Major League" and other TV and movie roles, and his forthcoming film, "Donna on Demand."

Apparently, Bernsen agreed to trade a paid speaking role in the film for the Kiss snow globe. Why? Who knows.

But the point is that MacDonald managed to salvage the project since it's safe to assume that there will be some pretty hefty offers for a speaking role in a real movie. I was not so sure that would be true about a snowglobe, no matter which band was getting snowed on.