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Papa John's cooks up pizza from your phone

Papa John's pizza chain has cooked up a mobile version of its Web site. Mmm, pizza. Mmm, mobile versions of Web sites. Find out what we thought of the service

Who doesn't love pizza? Not us. So when we learnt about a new way of ordering pizza from our mobile phone at the new mobile version of Papa John's Web site, we were all over it like pineapple on a Hawaiian.

Pizza on your phone

Visiting automatically redirects you to, which connects with your phone's GPS to work out where you are and offer a list of your nearest branches. You then dive into the menu, choosing the size of pizza you want from a scrolling menu. Oddly, the quantity of pizzas doesn't use a scrolling menu. Instead you have to type how many of each item you want with the keyboard, which is fiddly. Half-and-half is offered.

Choose your own

One very neat feature is the option to customise your pizza. Check boxes allow you to add single or double helpings of any ingredient. When you're done, you can name the pizza and save it for future order. That's pretty ace, any way you slice it.

Any order can be repeated, as they're saved in your profile. Setting up your address and payment details is time-consuming, but you only have to do it once.

Any problems?

The site informed us that the nearest branch, where we'd placed our order, did not deliver to us. This was clearly a glitch, as the site itself had already informed us that the Farringdon branch is less than a mile away from CNET Towers. But if it hadn't been a glitch, it's annoying the site informed us of this fact at the end of the order process, rather than before we started, and didn't offer the option to choose a different branch. We got around it this time by changing our order to collection and phoning up the branch to switch our order to delivery.

The verdict

A scant 20 minutes later we had our pizza, and we were some very happy geeks. The pizza itself was excellent, with a delicious smoky flavour to the sauce. We were less impressed with the garlic bread, which was dry and salty. Apart from the glitch with the branch delivery, the ordering process is slick and quick. Our verdict: 4 noms out of 5.