Panther Poll; Power Macintosh G5 and SCSI; Hard drive cache sizes; more

Panther Poll; Power Macintosh G5 and SCSI; Hard drive cache sizes; more


The Panther Poll This thread asks "What are your plans regarding the installation of Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther)?"

Panther Installed? How Did It Go? This thread contains general discussion about problematic and silky-smooth Panther installations.

Power Macintosh G5 and SCSI This thread discusses several issues facing Power Macintosh G5 owners who want to use SCSI volumes. One poster writes "The Adaptec website confirms that although both the 2906 and 2930 scsi cards will work with OS X 10.x, they will not work in a G5 due to voltage differences. Here's the quote from their site: 'The Adaptec SCSI Card 2906 (ASC-2906, AVA-2906) and Adaptec PowerDomain 2930 (APD-2930, APD-2930C, APD-2930CU, AHA-2930CU) are 5 V PCI cards and will not fit into the PCI or PCI-X slots in the new Apple Power Mac G5 according to page 75 of Apple's Preliminary Power Mac G5 Developer documentation.'"

Hard drive cache sizes This thread discusses whether or not the addition of extra hard drive cache memory results in a real-world performance boost. One poster inquires "Can someone tell me whether hd cache makes any noticeable difference. I am considering a new WD 120 G 7200 rpm hd. But there are 2mb and 8mb cache models. Is the few extra $ for the larger cache worth it? (I like WD drives since having to replace a Maxtor 20 Gig model 1 week after its 1 year warranty ran out)."

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