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Panorama and time lapse without the DIY

Camalapse's mount will automatically rotate your camera at specified intervals for 360-degree time-lapse panoramas.


If you're into time-lapse photography and/or panoramas--or want to get started with them--and you have a camera with an intervalometer, Camarush's clever and inexpensive Camalapse mount sounds like a useful accessory to throw in your bag. Based on the same mechanical timer technology as a conventional egg timer, the Camalapse rotates up to a maximum of 360 degrees in one hour. You attach a small (less than 1 pound) camera or camcorder to its tripod mount, and optionally attach the Camalapse to a tripod, wind it up, and you're off and autorotating. You can also stack two units to achieve faster rotation rates.

Sure, you could build one yourself for lot less than the $24.99 it costs, but not everyone is blessed with the DIY gene. And it wouldn't be nearly as attractive.

You can buy the Camalapse direct from Camarush.

(Via @PhilipBloom)