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Pandora will now let you foist your music on friends via Snapchat

Have a new favorite song? If you have Pandora, you can share it through Snapchat.


Pandora and Snapchat are partnering to share music. 

SOPA Images/Getty

Pandora subscribers have a new way to share songs, playlists and albums with friends.

Now, from inside the Pandora app, you can send music to friends via Snapchat, the company said via blog post Wednesday.

"Music is meant to be enjoyed with others and now with Pandora Premium, listeners get the benefit of personalized, on-demand listening -- along with the ability to share their favorites through Snapchat," Pandora Product Manager Laura Eng said in the post. 

The recipient doesn't have to have Pandora Premium, which costs $9.99 per month. They'll be able to listen for 30 minutes for free after watching a 30-second ad. The post also said non-Premium members will be able to share from the Pandora app as well.