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Sonos speakers can now be controlled by Pandora app

It's similar to how Spotify Connect works.


Pandora has announced that Sonos users are now able to control their hardware directly via the Pandora app in a way similar to Spotify Connect.

Unlike Spotify Connect, however, the app will let you control your Sonos system regardless of which subscription level you have -- even the free tier will work.

The app lets you select and play music, group and ungroup speakers, control in which room your music plays and adjust the volume. Pandora Premium can play any song, album or playlist on speakers of your choice.

You're also able to ask Alexa to play your favorite Pandora stations on your Sonos devices, including the voice-activated Sonos One. (Here's how to setup Alexa with your Sonos system.)

Sonos support follows Pandora adding the ability to stream to other devices via both Apple AirPlay and built-in Chromecast.