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Pandora's Thumbprint Radio breaks 5.5 billion spins

The personalized radio station has tallied more than "295 million thumbs" since its launch last year.


Internet radio giant Pandora has a hit on its hands, so to speak.

Thumbprint Radio is the most popular radio station on the planet, Pandora said in a blog post Thursday, racking up more than 5.5 billion spins by 2o million listeners.

The ultra-personalized station, launched in December 2015, is programmed with all the music on Pandora that you've ever given a thumbs-up, showing you like the songs. It also weaves in new music based on tunes you've liked.

Pandora earlier this month announced changes to its service -- like letting users skip more songs and replay tracks if they watch an extra ad -- that give listeners more control. It's a step toward the kind of on-demand subscription music service popularized by newer rivals like Spotify and Apple Music.