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Pandora on the Palm Pre

Radio, wherever I am!

Pandora Radio
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I've been a music lover all my life. I own hundreds of CD's and I love shopping for, listening to, and creating music. When I told my husband I'd never tried Pandora he seemed rather shocked. Right away he installed the Pandora app on my Pre and then showed me how Pandora works.

Now, I'm hooked.

This morning I was sitting out on the porch with my little boy. As we ate our toast and enjoyed the cool morning breeze I asked him if he'd like to listen to some music. Being a music lover like his mommy he got all excited. I turned on the Pandora app and in seconds we were listening to some of our favorite songs.

A lot of phone apps are very simplified versions of an online application. Pandora, however, is very impressive! You can vote your songs up or down, skip songs, see the album art, title, and artist and it even pops up a little notification at the bottom of the screen if you're in another app. This way you can still rate your songs while browsing the web, sending a text, or updating your Twitter account via Tweed.

My husband, who is a daily Pandora user, (more like addict) was impressed with the Pandora app. He kept saying "This is so cool!" I sensed a slight jealous tone from this HTC Mogul user. ;-)

As far as the Pre goes, I was initially upset to find the speaker was on the back. If I laid the phone down next to me on the couch or chair, the music was muffled and hard to hear. I originally thought I'd have to report a poor engineering of the phone's speaker placement...

Then later I tried Pandora again, but this time I had the phone set on a hard surface. I noticed the sound quality was much better. I looked closely and found that because of the curved shape of the phone, the speaker wasn't laying flat on the table. It was then I realized the Pre's designers knew what they were doing!