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Pandora expands its Spotify rival app to the web

Pandora Premium, which lets subcribers listen to specific songs, is getting a website to accompany its app presence.


Pandora Premium is now available on the web.


Pandora's box is opening wider.

The streaming music service on Thursday launched a web version of Pandora Premium, which lets subscribers listen to specific songs online. Until now, subscribers could do this only through Pandora's app.

Pandora Premium, Pandora's on-demand answer to Spotify and Apple Music, launched last March for $9.99 a month. With the new web version, Pandora Premium users can do everything they can on the app, but from a computer screen. This was the most requested feature from Pandora users, a company spokesman said.

The website also has new features not available on the app, including listening history, collections under "My Music" and higher-level playlist controls.