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Pandora limits free mobile streaming

Streaming-music services evolve as Pandora brings back listening limits, and highlights from Mobile World Congress include 4G cars, sapphire screens, and new operating systems.

CNET Update teaches you how to say Ubuntu:

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Thursday's tech news roundup has bad news for Pandora addicts. Free music streaming on Pandora apps is limited to 40 hours a month -- but there's no limit for desktop users. Pandora is bringing back limits just as Spotify evolves: it's making changes to be more social, just updated its iOS app, and is going to be available on Ford's Sync AppLink. Another streaming cousin, TuneIn, also updated its site and iPad app to offer live listening recommendations.

And as Mobile World Congress coverage wraps up, we're keeping our eye on these products:

- General Motors will be selling cars in 2014 that can connect to AT&T's 4G LTE network.

- Future smartphone screens can bemade of sapphire.

- The Ubuntu Touch wins CNET's Best of MWC Award. But it'll be awhile before you get to try it. The Ubuntu operating system is so new, that no carrier or manufacturer is behind it yet.

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