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Pandora: From zero to addicted in 10 minutes

I waited a long time to try it out, and it just took about eight songs to hook me.

OK, I admit it: I'm not always the first to try out some great new technology.

Once in a long while, maybe, I'm a little behind. Like a year or two.

That's why it took me until today to finally try out Pandora, the Internet site that lets you create custom radio stations based on your music preferences.

And now I think I know something about instant addiction. I signed up, entered a single artist to create a radio station around, and about eight songs in, I'm just totally hooked.

I started playing around with the site, following cross-references and links and seeing how easy it is to create additional stations and buy the music played, and I'm completely in love.

Of course, everyone else in the world has already figured this out. But as a geek, I figure it's only fair to acknowledge the very rare--OK, very frequent--instances when I'm a little slow to discover great new technologies.

But at least I'm willing to learn. That's something, right?