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Pandora escapes browser, heads for phones and living rooms

Pandora is no longer relegated to your browser window; it's now in your phone and living room.

Internet radio service Pandora is now lending its services to mobile phones and living rooms in a new platform called Pandora Everywhere. Sprint phone subscribers will be able to access the mobile version of Pandora to listen to music, give songs the thumbs up or down, bookmark what they like, and get new music recommendations based on their tastes. Pandora to Go is free for 30 days, and jumps to a $2.99 monthly subscription when the trial is over.

The Pandora Everywhere platform is also launching with support for home products from Sonos, the music hardware that connects to networked PCs and internet radio streams. Sonos users can log in to their Pandora account and access their custom radio stations by using the familiar Pandora interface.

Crave has more on the announcement.