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Digital Media

Pandora adds infinite listening feature for $10 subscribers

Pandora launches an automated feature to play similar songs when the previous one ends on its fledgling $10-a-month Premium service.


Pandora's Spotify-rival service, Premium, is adding an infinite play feature. 


Pandora will launch an automated feature Friday to infinitely play songs similar to the last thing you listened to, called AutoPlay, on its fledgling $10-a-month Premium service.

With AutoPlay, subscribers using an Apple mobile device or Android product will immediately segue into a similar song based off the last thing that finished playing, be it an album, track or playlist. 

The streaming music service, which launched the new membership two months ago to take on faster-growing rivals like Spotify and Apple Music., also took advantage of the announcement to sprinkle some statistics about the new service. It said that nearly 60 percent of people on a Premium trial are younger than 35 and that trial users spend 30 percent more time listening to Pandora. 

Pandora was a vanguard of music streaming with its digital version of radio, but its format locked it into rigid licensing rules that limited listener control. But as newer competitors let you pick the exact song you wanted to hear, Pandora's growth slowed.