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Pandora adds new timer for sleepy iOS, Android users

The new feature allows users to play music while they're dozing off for 15, 30, or 60 minutes.


Pandora's mobile app for iOS and Android has been updated with a new feature for tired users.

The company on Thursday announced that its app, version 4.5 for the mobile platforms, now supports a Sleep Timer. Pandora says that the feature was one of the most-requested options from users.

With help from Sleep Timer, users can determine how long they want music to play as they are falling asleep. After the timer is up, the music turns off.

The addition to the app might be helpful for users, but it's also self-serving for Pandora. The company pays royalties on all music played, so if someone falls asleep and isn't listening to a track, it's essentially losing money. By offering a timer, Pandora is probably hoping some sleepy users will cut down the amount of music being played while they're in dreamland.

Pandora's latest mobile version is available in Apple's App Store and the Google Play marketplace. The app is free.