Panasonic's pricey Lumix 3D1 3D point-and-shoot on its way

Panasonic must really think people care about creating their own 3D photos and movies.


Back in September at the IFA electronics show, Panasonic showed off a prototype of a dual-lens, dual-sensor 3D compact camera. Apparently that wasn't so much a prototype as it was a preproduction model because as of today the Lumix DMC-3D1 is coming to market.

The full details and specs are available on Panasonic's global site, but the gist is that it has two, 25mm ultrawide-angle lenses (that seem way too close together) each with 4x zoom paired with two high-speed 12-megapixel MOS sensors that can capture 8-megapixel 3D images or 9-megapixel 2D images as well as 1080/60i full HD 3D movies, with everything powered by quad processors.

The rest of the camera's functions appear to be pure point-and-shoot, so it really is targeted at your average consumers with $500 burning a hole in their pockets. Yes, that's right, it's going to be half a grand when it hits stores in December.

So, if you were worried about letting another Christmas and New Year's Eve slip by that wasn't shot in 3D, it looks like Panasonic's giving you an easy way to correct that this year with the 3D1.