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Panasonic's new, cheap, auto-everything compact camera

Powered by AA batteries, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS85 offers a 4x optical zoom and bright f2.8 lens at an affordable $119 price.


If the announcement of the new FS-series cameras from Panasonic wasn't enough for you, the company announced the Lumix DMC-LS85, too. If you have a penchant for digital cameras that run on AA batteries (and I know you people are out there), you'll want to pay attention.

The DMC-LS85 does in fact run on two AA batteries (good for about 270 shots using alkalines, 550 on NiMHs). It also has a 4x f2.8-5.9 33-132mm-equivalent lens with optical image stabilization--a rarity in a compact camera for its price of $119.

It also features Panasonic's Intelligent Auto Mode (iA), which along with the Mega O.I.S I mentioned a second ago includes Intelligent ISO Control, Intelligent Scene Selector, and Face Detection.

You'll be able to stick one in your pocket this April in a choice of silver, black, and pink.