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Panasonic's latest Lumix cameras are not just more megapixels

Refreshes are coming for the electronics manufacturer's compact megazooms, rugged compact, and touch-screen ultracompact.


Panasonic, out from under the product deluge that is CES 2011, announced today refreshed versions of its high-end point-and-shoot cameras. If you recently bought the compact megazoom Lumix ZS5, ZS6, or ZS7, the rugged TS2, or the touch-screen ultracompact FX75, you may not want to read on because some of the new tech is actually worth having.

The ZS10 and ZS8 get a wider, longer lens than their predecessors, and the former gets a 3-inch touch screen. The TS2 update, the TS3, gets GPS and is more rugged. The FX78 (replacing the FX75) gets a larger touch screen, a less capable lens, and the ability to whiten teeth.

There are, of course, other feature tweaks including new sensors (thankfully no 16-megapixel ones here), 3D photos (meh), a somewhat creepy sharing application (a parasite for your SD card), and lots of burst shooting (definitely a plus). See the links below to read about what each model is offering.

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