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Panasonic's 3D plasma reviewed by HDGuru: 'an excellent HDTV'

The HDGuru has published the first early review of the Panasonic TC-P50VT20 3D-compatible TV.


Hours before Panasonic's 3D TV bundle launch at Best Buy,, an independent website operated by reviewer Gary Merson, has published the first review of the company's first plasma 3D TV available for public sale.

In his writeup Merson described the TV as "an excellent HDTV and FHD3D TV." He found some video processing issues but otherwise had few complaints, lauding its contrast ratio and "pop," its color accuracy, and the performance of the company's new antiglare screen. His evaluation of 3D performance noted improvements over previous demos he saw of Sony 3D LCD TVs, ending with "Overall, I find the 3D image outstanding with considerably more brightness and pop than the motion picture theater 3D movie experience."

Merson reviewed the TV at Panasonic's headquarters, as opposed to his own lab, and rightly notes that company reps unpacked the TV prior to his arrival. That said, we have no reason to believe the sample he tested doesn't accurately represent production models.

The subject of the review, the 50-inch TC-P50VT20 ($2499 list), is available exclusively at Best Buy, but it's essentially identical to the TC-P50VT25 (pictured, $2599) that will be available nationwide early next month.

We're definitely excited to check one out ourselves, and Panasonic promises CNET that we'll receive a review sample of our own soon.