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Panasonic wows with giant 150-inch plasma

Panasonic has unveiled a first glimpse of its incredible 150-inch plasma TV at CES.

One of the most dazzling exhibits at this year's CES conference is Panasonic's ridiculously large 150-inch "Lifescreen" plasma.

Panasonic's giant 150-inch plasma at CES Brett Winterford

The endless quest to produce the biggest and best televisions continues to astound, even if there's barely any practical applications for them.

The Lifescreen, which measures 8 feet by 12 feet and has a resolution of 4K by 2K (four times the resolution of 1080p high definition), might look great on the trade show floor but one would wonder where else it could fit.

Panasonic see a market for it - released by the end of 2008, the Japanese manufacturer will begin mass production in 2009.

Its massive size, I would suggest, means its unlikely to be a retail play.

"You're right," said a Panasonic attendant dwarfed by the screen. "You have to wonder how you're going to get it in the house too!"