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Panasonic Viera TX-37LZD80: 1080p LCD TV for less than £800

If you simply must have a small(ish) 1080p TV, Panasonic has a smashing 37-inch LCD it would like you to consider -- and we have to say, it's well worth a look at this price

As much as we love plasma TVs, if you want a smaller, 1080p plasma for your bijou domicile, you're out of luck. While you could very well argue there isn't any point to 1080p on smaller sets -- you'd be hard pushed to see the difference over 720p -- there are always people who insist on the maximum resolution possible. So enter the 37-inch Panasonic Viera TX-37LZD80.

The TX-37LZD80, and its 32-inch little brother the 32LZD80, are LCD televisions with full support for all the trimmings, such as 1080p/24 playback, 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and x.v.Colour. It also happens to be an elegant-looking TV, with clean lines and no-nonsense styling.

The screen in the TX-37LZD80 is the IPS alpha, which means you should get some of the widest viewing angles around. When we visited Panasonic's 2008 product line-up show earlier in the year, they demonstrated the effectiveness of this, and it has to be said, we were impressed. Viewing angles can be an issue if there are lots of you sitting around a TV at crazy degrees, but not with this puppy.

In the audio department there's plenty going on too, with the V-Audio surround with BBE ViVA HD3D Sound system, designed to give you a virtual surround sound of sorts. We're certain it won't fool you into thinking there are explosions happening all around you, but it'll probably broaden the sound stage a little and make movie viewing a more vivid experience. The TV can also provide audio description, for people who have sight problems.

In the boring-but-essential area of connectivity, the Panny has three HDMI sockets, component and VGA in, as well as a couple of Scart sockets and composite video in. You also get an SD card slot, so you can view photographs directly on the TV from a memory card.

The best thing about the 37LZD80 is the price -- we found it online for £765, which really isn't bad at all, especially if you're a gamer who simply must have a 1080p TV to play GTA IV on. –Ian Morris

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