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Panasonic Toughbook mini-tablet rumored to be two days away

Panasonic is set to release Toughbook UMPC mini-tablet/

Panasonic's Toughbook line could see a mini-tablet soon join its ranks.

The word is Panasonic will introduce an Intel Atom-based mini-tablet to its Toughbook line on Wednesday. Our colleagues at CNET Asia saw the unit earlier this year, which featured a 5.6-inch touch-screen display and a thin strip of QWERTY thumb keys below it. If you value ruggedized protection over usability--or really enjoy thumb typing--this mini rugged tablet might hold some attraction. Unknown is the price, but with the Asus Eee PC and its slew of imitators on the scene now at prices as low as $399, this Toughbook tablet had better come in low if it wants to find its way into the mitts of those working outside the medical and insurance fields.

Check back Wednesday when we expect to have full specs, pricing, and a ship date.

Via: Laptoping