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Panasonic TC-PG15 series--Quick Take

A description of Panasonic's G15 series of plasma TVs

The TC-PG15 series sits near the top of Panasonic's extensive plasma lineup for 2009. These three displays are very similar to the company's TC-PG10 series, aside from styling. The G10s have a silver fade along the bottom of the frame, while the G15s are all black, and the G15s boast thinner panels: 2.1 inches versus about 4 inches on the G10 models. The TC-PG15 series also lacks a 54-inch screen size, and costs about $100 more than the G10s. It's reserved for "regional retail" sales channels, while the mainstream G10 series is available nationwide.

In terms of picture quality and features, the TC-PG15 series is identical to the TC-PG10 series. For more information, refer to the full review of the Panasonic TC-PG10 series.