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Panasonic takes a stand at 58 inches

The limited-edition model is heading for Japan

With flat screens getting bigger all the time, the idea of mounting them on the wall may start to lose its appeal. After all, where would you hang all your art? Panasonic apparently has figured that out, which may be one reason it's offering this limited-edition 58-inch plasma TV with a custom-fitted stand in matching piano black.

58-inch Panasonic plasma TV

The Panasonic Viera TH-58PZ600K, as reported by I4U News, will be available next month on the Japanese market. It has the same 1080p resolution as its 50-inch cousin, but its $16,000 price is more than twice that of the smaller model's base tag.

Still, it's a lot cheaper than the $70,000 or so you'd have to shell out for the company's 103-inch plasma. As they say, it's all relative.

(Photo: I4U News)