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Panasonic says Tru2way TVs on track for later this year

Panasonic reaffirms that it expects to deliver Tru2way TVs to retailers by the holiday season.

Panasonic Viera plasma
Despite reports of setbacks, Panasonic is still aiming to have its Tru2way TVs on store shelves by the holidays. Panasonic

Panasonic has confirmed to CNET that it still intends to deliver Tru2way TVs to the market before the end of 2008. A company representative e-mailed us with the following statement:

Panasonic's Tru2way-enabled VIERA HDTV is in the certification process at CableLabs. Panasonic expects to deliver Tru2way-enabled VIERA HDTVs to the market in time for the holiday season.

Of course, the company's expectation does not equal a guarantee that we'll see the product on store shelves before the end of the year. But it does represent an affirmation that Panasonic is actively working to address the alleged issues that cropped up during the CableLabs certification process. That's certainly a contrast from the "no comment" we received Thursday.

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