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Panasonic gives a bit more with its latest entry-level camera

The Lumix S2's might be basic, but a couple key features keep it from being completely void of worth.


LAS VEGAS--CES seems an odd place to debut a low-end camera. Then again, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-S2's specs are a bit better than your average budget point-and-shoot.

Not that there's a lot to get excited about, but Panasonic trickled down a couple things from its higher-end models to this ultracompact that might make it a slightly better choice. For example, the 14-megapixel S2 has a 4x f3.1-6.5 28-112mm lens with optical image stabilization (not just electronic, which is the norm) and Panasonic's Sonic Speed AF for faster, more accurate autofocusing. It'll also capture movies in 720p HD. And you get a 2.7-inch LCD.

Again, nothing great, but at the very least its nice to see that you'll get some more for your money with the S2.

No pricing or availability was announced.