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Panasonic Este gently steams your tech-fatigued eyes

Take your weary eyes on a well-deserved vacation using Panasonic's Este, a gadget that bathes your eyes with the gentle warmth of steam power.

Panasonic Este
Sit back. Relax. Steam your eyes. Panasonic

After a long day staring at your computer monitor, squinting at your smartphone, and ogling video games, your eyes start to feel like they've been lightly sandpapered and left out in a desert wind. You could use eye drops or catch a few winks to recover, or your could invest in a Panasonic Este ES-SW50.

The Este is one of the weirder eye masks ever created. It's a bit chunky, but it does a lot more than just sit there. My Google Translate version of the product page indicates the Este generates a warm steam to soothe the eyes. Essentially, this is the high-tech version of laying a lukewarm washcloth across your peepers.

The Este runs on rechargeable batteries that give up to 12 minutes of use on a charge. You probably wouldn't want to steam your eyes for longer than that, anyway. The scheduled release date is in September, but it may not be available outside of Japan.

Thanks to the magic of Google Translate, I can share one happy customer's comments: "Touch your favorite rhythm. It has a strength to the rhythm, I would become sleepy and comforting. So just have dandruff after using and left, are easy to clean!" Wow, sounds great!

Panasonic Este
The Este comes in pink or silver. Panasonic