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Camera Accessories

Panasonic debuts a pair of fast telephoto lenses

The company fills a couple of holes in its Micro Four Thirds lens lineup.

The 42.5mm lens looks more like an Olympus than a Panasonic. Panasonic

Two new fast Micro Four Thirds lenses are on the horizon from Panasonic, one targeted at portrait photographers and one telephoto macro model.

Both lenses incorporate image stabilization and sport metal mounts. The Lumix G 42.5 f1.7, 85mm equivalent, will be able to focus as close as 12.2 inches (31 cm), while the 60mm-equivalent Lumix G macro 30mm f2.8 will be able to focus starting at 4 inches (10.2 cm).

Panasonic hasn't announced pricing, but the 42.5mm will likely be an "affordable" model, since the company already offers an f1.2 Leica Nocticron model for $1,600. The 30mm fills a hole in the company's lens lineup between the 20mm and 45mm fast prime offerings.

The 42.5mm is slated to ship in May, while the 30mm is expected in April.