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Panasonic announces 103-inch 3D TV, a bargain at just £70,000

Over-burdened with too much room and money? In need of something gigantic to consume both? Then look no further than Panasonic's new 103-inch 3D TV.

Panasonic has, for some time, been the only company that sells really ma-hoosive TVs that you can actually buy. Its original 103-inch screen has been on sale for several years now, and we're told that the rich and famous do actually buy them. One person is reported to have bought five for some reason, perhaps for a monster, multi-monitor gaming rig.

The non-3D version costs £43,000, so we're having some trouble understanding why there's such a significant mark-up for the 3D version. Even so, if you can afford a £43,000 TV then the chances are good that you can afford the £70,000, 3D version. Perhaps the non-3D one would be good for your bedroom, while the 3D one goes in the lounge, or the perhaps the toilet?

We're assuming that the same installation rules apply to this TV as they do to its older sibling. That means that, when you order one, Panasonic will come to your house to see if you've actually got room for it, if it can get it in the door and whether your floors are strong enough to support it -- it weighs 328kg.

If your house passes the test, Panasonic will bring the TV over in a special container, and winch it into your house with some special lifting gear. You should probably make sure you're not going to move out in the next few years, as removal men are likely to be unimpressed by this beast.

In terms of 3D, this TV actually makes a bit of sense as the three dimensional movie format really needs to be seen on the largest possible TV to provide the best results. The screen is still restricted to 1080p though, so we're not looking at the next generation, ultra HD TV here. For that, you need to upgrade to Panasonic's 150-inch model, which supports 4k resolution video.

That £70,000 asking price only gets you a single pair of 3D glasses. Now that's just mean -- who buys a 103-inch TV to watch alone? You -- and by you, we mean the richer, more successful version of you -- can order the TV from the 18th of November, but probably not from Amazon.