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Panasonic Android phones landing next spring

An international phone network is in talks to bring Panasonic Android smart phones to Europe by spring.

Panasonic Android phones could hit Britain as soon as next spring. A major international phone network is said to be in talks to bring Panasonic's Android-powered smart phones to Europe by the time we're back in shirt-sleeves.

If Panasonic's Android phones are successful in Europe, they'll also make it to the US and other Asian countries, Reuters reports.

We'd already heard Panandroid phones are set to come to the UK next year, but now it seems they could be here sooner than we thought. Which pan-European network could it be? Vodafone? Deutsche Telekom (Orange and T-Mobile)? Telefónica (O2)?

It was around this time last year that we reported Panasonic's plans to fire up Android phones, after quitting phones in 2005. In the past year, Panny has launched Android-powered blowers in Japan, and plans to expand its phone catalogue so sales outside Japan make up half its smart phone business by 2015.

Like Sony, Panasonic has the advantage over other phone-makers: it can bring its technology and branding from the other gadgets it makes. And so we get phones such as the Panasonic P-03C Lumix phone, a Japan-Pana-Android mobile that takes its cues from the excellent Panasonic Lumix range of cameras -- many of which are firm favourites of CNET UK.

As well as the highly regarded Lumix camera brand, Panasonic could bring display technology from its Viera TV range. Panny is also one of the manufacturers leading the charge on 3D, so could a new challenger to the LG Optimus 3D and HTC Evo 3D be on the cards?

The Japanese phone market is very different to ours, however. They love their blowers to have everything and the kitchen sink thrown in, and outré features like TV tuners, NFC and insane cameras are standard issue. Here, phones tend to have one major selling point. Still, we'd be very excited to get our hands on a Lumix phone.

Are you excited about a big name like Panasonic entering the game? Or are there too many Android phones already? Go nuts in the comments section or deface our Facebook wall.