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PalmSource makes foray into China

PalmSource, a handheld operating system developer, announced on Sunday that is has a new licensee in China and that it is launching two devices from Lenovo, formerly known as Legend. Founder Technology Group, the licensee, plans to sell devices that use the Palm OS in China under its own brand. The first Foundertech device will be an e-book that can use Palm applications, according to PalmSource.

In addition, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company introduced two handhelds--Lenovo P100 and P300--in China. The traditional organizers come with high-resolution screens and are aimed at the entry-level and midrange markets. The P100 features a black-and-white screen and 8MB of memory, while the P300 has a color display and 16MB of memory. Legend signed on to use the Palm OS in portable devices late last year.