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Palmpad to bring Palm webOS to the big screen?

HP, which bought Palm in April, has trademarked the Palmpad name, leading us to wonder if webOS could soon be coming in larger sizes

Fancy a Palm Pre Plus with a pituitary disorder? HP could be embiggenating the webOS wonder with a new tablet computer called the Palmpad, an application for a trademark on the name suggests.

HP bought Palm in April, and we speculated that it wanted to get its hands on the webOS operating system, which powers the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi Plus, in order to use it on tablet PCs and netbooks.

Palm's smart phones failed to set the world on fire here in the UK, but we loved how innovative and touchably usable the Palm operating system was. If a webOS tablet is done right, it could lead to a more user-friendly and simpler gadget than HP's other upcoming tablet, the HP Slate, which runs Windows 7.

Are you tempted by a giant Palm Pre, or is HP is just covering its bases in case it wants to get into some kind of combination glove/sanitary pad business? Let us know in the comments.