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PalmOne wins patent-infringement case

A claim originally filed against Palm and Handspring claimed the now-joined companies violated a patent for portable computing devices. Not so, says the judge.

Handheld maker PalmOne said Thursday that a federal appeals court upheld a ruling that its products do not infringe on two NCR patents. In March 2001, NCR sued Palm and Handspring, alleging the companies infringed patents for a type of "portable personal terminal." NCR had been appealing a district court ruling that had sided with PalmOne, the company formed from the merger of Palm and Handspring.

"We believe the matter is now behind us," PalmOne said in a statement to CNET "We are gratified that the rulings were both issued and upheld." An NCR representative said the company is evaluating its options regarding further appeals. "We are disappointed with the decision from the Court of Appeals," the NCR representative said.