PalmOne CTO eyeing new horizons

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The ever-interesting Jeff Hawkins, arguably the father of the handheld industry, is once again looking to start a company based on his brain research. But handheld enthusiasts can rest easy; he's not leaving his CTO gig at PalmOne anytime soon.

Hawkins has said that significant commercial opportunities for his brain research exist that could revolutionize the computer industry. "Intelligent machines" based on the behavior of the human brain would allow systems to understand data instead of just recognize it.

"I would predict within a year there will be start-ups working on this," Hawkins said late last year. "I am debating whether I want to do that myself."

Looks like the debate is over.

The Business 2.0 blog quotes Hawkins as saying, "I am in the process of starting a business to promote the technology."

There was some concern regarding Hawkins' future at PalmOne, which Hawkins himself apparently put to rest on Om Malik's blog.

Someone listed as Jeff Hawkins posted this comment: I have no intention of leaving PalmOne or changing the amount of time I work there. I said so in my talk yesterday. Basically I split my time between palmOne and RNI and have been doing so for several years. What is changing is that I will spend less time at RNI so I have some time for the new business.

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