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Palm Treo Pro plays peekaboo

An internal presentation by Palm accidentally leaks onto the Web possibly showing its new Palm Treo Pro smartphone.

Is this the Palm Treo Pro? Slashgear

Heeeeyyyy, remember those sexy pictures we saw of a rumored Palm Treo 850 a while back? Well, it looks like they're resurfacing again, but this time in an internal Palm presentation that, oopsies, briefly appeared on the company's Web site. The slides have since been taken down but they were up long enough for SlashGear to get some screen shots.

If this presentation is legit, it appears the smartphone will actually be called the Palm Treo Pro and will run Windows Mobile 6.1. The sleek-looking device (I'm really digging the design) will also reportedly have 3G support, Wi-Fi, a 320x320 pixel resolution touch screen, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Not a ton more info there, but I don't know, I'm pretty excited. What do you think?