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Palm Treo 755p lands at Verizon--yawn

Verizon Wireless announces the immediate availability of the Palm Treo 755p smartphone.

Palm Treo 755p
Palm Treo 755p Verizon Wireless

Sure, it's been available through Sprint for about eight months now, but hey, if you still want it, Verizon Wireless customers can now finally get their hands on the Palm Treo 755p. It replaces Verizon's aging Palm Treo 700p and aside from a new teal green color, there isn't much difference between the physical characteristics and core features of the Sprint version and the Verizon model. The Palm-based smartphone offers built-in support for Microsoft Direct Push Technology and Exchange ActiveSync; EV-DO; and Bluetooth 1.2. The Treo 755p is currently available online for $299.99 with a two-year contract and after rebates and discounts; in-store availability starts on January 7.