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Palm Treo 750 to launch on Cingular soon?

Rumors of the imminent release of the Palm Treo 750 for Cingular.

Palm Treo 750
Cingular-branded Palm Treo 750 Boy Genius Report

For all you last-minute holiday shoppers, your procrastination may have paid off. The Boy Genius Report says demo units of the Palm Treo 750 have started arriving at Cingular stores, which could mean an official release is imminent. It's been rumored for some time that the smart phone would hit in Q4 2006, but still, there are no details about specific availability dates or pricing.

As a refresher, the Treo 750 is the U.S. variant of the Palm Treo 750v, which was released in Europe in October this year. It runs Windows Mobile 5 and sports the new, more compact form factor thanks to the integrated antenna. The Treo 750 also features Bluetooth but no Wi-Fi. So will it work on Cingular's HSPDA network? Fingers crossed.

Palm Treo 750v