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Palm Treo 700p available first from Sprint

Sprint Nextel's deal, however, isn't exclusive; Verizon Wireless is waiting in the wings.

Sprint will get the first crack at selling Palm's new Treo 700p, making the smart phone available to its customers by the end of the month.

Verizon Wireless was the exclusive launch partner for the Windows Mobile Treo 700w, but Sprint's EV-DO (evolution data-optimized) network will be the first to carry the Palm OS-version of the phone. It will cost $399 after rebates and discounts, according to a press release.

Sprint will offer its Sprint TV streaming television service on the 700p, taking advantage of the average download speeds of 400Kbps to 700Kbps provided by EV-DO networks. Sprint's other Palm OS device, the Treo 650, ran on slower networks that some application developers, like Sling Media, said isn't suitable for some types of streaming video.

A Sprint representative said the company does not have an exclusive deal for the 700p. Verizon plans to launch the 700p in the coming weeks, and it will also cost $399, a company representative said.

The Treo 700p is the second major update to the smart phone released this year, fulfilling Palm's commitment to its developers to ship Treos for Windows Mobile and for the Palm OS this year. Developers were concerned that Palm was abandoning the Palm OS for Windows when it announced its plans for the 700w. Sprint plans to offer the 700w in the second half of this year, a company representative said.