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Palm to unveil new Treo next month (updated)

Palm to unveil new Treo next month (updated)

According to a report by Reuters, Palm is set to unveil its new Treo smart phone next month. Now, before you get too excited, this is only for the lucky peeps who live in Europe. As you may recall, Palm, Microsoft, and European carrier Vodafone announced in July that they would release a GSM Treo running Windows Mobile before the end of the year. A Palm spokeswoman told Reuters, "The announcement is going to be made in the U.K. on September 12, and we will give all the details then, but at the moment all we are saying is that it will be out before the end of the year." Ahem, Miss? What about us here in the States?

In other Treo news, there are rumblings that the Palm Treo 700w will be making its way to Sprint soon. The diehards over at TreoCentral noticed the "Palm Treo 700wx" listed under the latest version of the Sprint PCS Connection Manager (used for turning your Treo into a modem). The 700wx is said to have double the memory (64MB vs. 32MB) and may launch as early as August 27 for business users and September 3 for everyone else.

Update: More pictures and details are emerging to validate the existence and impending arrival of the 700wx. Jimmie Geddes over at Gadgets on the Go said he called up the Palm retail store at the Newark International Airport and was told the Treo 700wx was in stock but not for sale just quite yet. There are also a handful of photos over at TreoCentral and a video comparing the 700wx to the 700w over at CrunchGear.

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