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Palm releases Windows Mobile 6 update for Treo 750

Palm announces an update that brings Windows Mobile 6 to the Treo 750, as well as new unlocked versions of the Treo 750 shipping with WM6 out of the box.

Palm Treo 750
Palm Treo 750 CNET Networks

Today, Palm officially released its Windows Mobile 6 update for the Palm Treo 750, bringing such enhancements as HSDPA capabilities (w00t!), Microsoft Direct Push Technology for real-time synchronization with Outlook, and better Calendar management. It's available now as a free download from Palm's Web site, and once installed, you also get support for HTML e-mail and more security options (encryption of miniSD cards, remote data wipe)--all the benefits of Windows Mobile 6, which you can read about in our full review.

In addition to the update, Palm also announced it has begun selling unlocked versions of the Treo 750 (previously, only available through AT&T) through its retail and online stores for $549. The smartphone will ship with Windows Mobile 6 out of the box.