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Palm Pre's Bluetooth = Fail

My first major complaint about the Palm Pre.

Bluetooth Logo Finest Tech

Licketysplit I got my Samsung Instinct and my Palm Pre paired up via bluetooth. Then I went to transfer contacts...

After trying over and over and checking every setting on each device I looked up the problem on the Palm Support Forums.

According to the forums...

To do this the Pre needs the OBEX bluetooth profile. Which at this time it does not. That does not mean it will not be added though. Its not a hardware issue, but software.

Apparently, the bluetooth on the Pre is only good for connecting to an audio device, such as a headset. No transferring contacts, personal information, pictures, or ring tones between phones.

As a person with over 200 contacts stuck in her Instinct, this is really annoying.

I hope this is something Palm fixes right away!