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Palm Pre rumor of the day: June 7 release date

Several blogs report that the Palm Pre smartphone will be released on June 7.

Bonnie Cha/CNET

What's a day without a Palm Pre story, right? Uhh, right. The latest rumor making its way across the Internet tubes comes via SprintGurus, which says the Pre will launch on June 7 and not May 17 as originally thought.

This is based on an internal document posted by the owner of SprintGurus, who goes by "Coal," that shows all the devices that are in alpha/beta testing with Sprint. In the forum, Coal states, "For those asking about the Pre, there are 2 release windows, one is around 6/7/09 - the other I cannot say much on." We're not entirely sure where the June 7 date came from as it's not listed on the document.

However, seems to think the timing appears about right since it falls within the timeline of a viral video Palm may be working on for the Pre. The video will supposedly show a man refusing to leave his apartment until Palm releases the Pre, and in the casting ad for the video, the shoot dates are April 29 to June 5.

If the June 7 release date turns out to be true, the Palm Pre would make its debut just one day before the start of WWDC 2009 and presumably the introduction of a new iPhone. Is the tech world ready for this? Am I ready for this? *Gulp.*