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Palm Pre: A Pre-tty disappointing start

After waiting months for a Palm Pre, Jeff Bakalar is disappointed with the lemon he received on Saturday morning.

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With my Sprint contract running out and having been frustrated with my HTC Mogul--more like Windows Mobile 6--it was clearly time to upgrade.

Our smartphone senior editor Bonnie Cha pointed me in the direction of the Palm Pre since I was adamant about having a touch-screen and physical keyboard. I was also drawn to the Pre because of the new WebOS operation system and Synergy functionality.

After having waited in line for almost two hours outside a Sprint store in downtown Manhattan, I was thrilled to get home and start playing around with my new Palm Pre.

A few hours later disaster struck. The phone began occasionally resetting when I opened or closed the sliding keyboard (see embedded video). A day later, it happens almost every time. After some quick searching on the forums, I found that I was not alone. The issue doesn't seem to be widespread, but there are people out there who are experiencing the same thing.

Unfortunately, the Pre seems to be sold out everywhere here in Manhattan, so getting a replacement isn't going to be easy.

Anyone else having similar problems?

Make sure to check out today's episode of The 404 for an extended look at my Palm Pre situation and more launch day stories!